Youth in Transition

Youth in Transition

Graduating From High School to a New Life

Just like your classmates, as a student with a disability, you face many questions about your life after high school graduation. What is your dream job? How can you get that job? Will you need more schooling? Will you still have a guardian after you turn 18? What kind of benefits do you qualify for?

You and your family need answers to these and many other important questions. While you’re still in school, share your goals, ideas and questions with your Support and Service Coordinator. They have the experience to help you start making plans for life after graduation.

To help you learn about what’s ahead, Wisconsin’s Department of Health Services (DHS) provides information on how to make the transition to adult services as smoothly as possible.

Once you turn 17 ½, your local ADRC can provide comprehensive, unbiased information to help you make decisions.

Youth in Partnership with Parents for Empowerment

Youth in Partnership with Parents for Empowerment (YiPPE) is a group of youth and their parents who meet together five times during the year. They will hear from speakers and take part in hands-on activities in parallel programs centered around transition. While some topics may overlap, parents will be able to enjoy their own sessions while their youth are learning similar information in a youth-friendly format.