Beneficial Bites

Each of these nutrition education files focuses on a specific food. The information includes easy recipes to help you learn how to work new foods into your meals! Check our website calendar for upcoming sessions of Beneficial Bites!

You Are What You Eat, So Eat for Good Health 

As you get older, the old adage holds true. What you eat impacts your health, which affects your life each and every day. Among other benefits, healthy eating contributes to:

For many people, the phrase “healthy eating” creates questions. But don’t worry if you haven’t paid much attention to what you ate in the past, it’s never too late to start. With help from the ADRC Nutrition program, you’ll learn simple steps to help you eat better to feel better. 

A few adjustments to your grocery list-without blowing your budget- can help you eat better and avoid common problems associated with getting older.

You also have many opportunities to experience how to eat for good health through the ADRC Nutrition program. Options include: