Memory Screens

Information You Can Use

A memory screen provides useful health information about your brain, just like a blood pressure test provides information about your heart. Anyone can get a free, confidential 10-15 minute memory screen, provided by trained and certified ADRC staff.

Who Should be Screened?

Memory screens are also good for individuals concerned about their memory due to changes, a family history of dementia, or those who want a baseline to monitor their brain health.

What if the Screen Shows Areas of Concern?

The screening tool does not diagnose dementia. It identifies how your brain is functioning in a single moment. There are many reasons a screen may show concerns, including depression, stress, care partners burnout, infections, hormone imbalances, sleep imbalances, challenges in vision or hearing, chronic pain, medication side effects…the list goes on. If your brain changes result from one of these medical conditions, diagnosis and treatment may improve your quality of life.

After reviewing possible reasons for the screen results, the screener will answer questions and provide information and resources for supporting brain health. They may recommend a medical evaluation, but no information is shared with your doctor without your approval.

Why Have a Screen?

Early detection does matter. If further evaluations by a medical professional determine you may have dementia or mild cognitive impairment, you can plan for your future. You can take steps now, including:

• Developing a support system to maintain independence

• Becoming involved in early intervention programs that may slow the disease.

Knowing your baseline also allows you to proactively monitor your brain health.

Where Can I Get a Memory Screen?

Screens can be done in our offices or in your home. We recommend an initial baseline screen and then a re-screen every year to monitor your brain health.

How Much do the Screens Cost?

There is no charge for memory screens provided by the ADRC.

How Can I Learn More?

Please contact us at 1-888-538-3031.