Find a Ride

You need to get around on your own to stay as independent as possible, and it can be hard to get a ride. Fortunately, Barron and Rusk Counties can help you find ride programs to help you get where you need to be, and home again. 

In this interview, Darby Smith, Barron County Nutrition and Transportation Manager discusses the importance of transportation to our older friends and neighbors.

Mobility Managers Coordinate Each County 's Transportation Services

A Mobility manager is a person or an agency, with expertise in person-centered transportation to help remove transportation challenges for those who do not drive. They know the local transportation resources, how to use and pay for those resources. Mobility managers also advocate for those who happen to be transportation disadvantaged. That advocacy comes in many forms, from taking an active part in local planning to teaching citizens how to advocate for themselves,  speak at public hearings, meet with legislators and work to create a better system.

Local mobility managers:

Contact your ADRC for the latest information about your county’s transportation services, including: 

Your transportation options may vary depending on several things. 

Accessibility Transportation Contact Numbers: 

Find additional transportation options in our Resource Guide.