Stretch Your Savings and Keep Your Options Open

What happens when you need some help to maintain your independence? Naturally, you want to make the most of your money. Your ADRC office can help you identify the services that can help you and stretch your savings. Though it can be difficult to spend money on services you’d prefer to do yourself, it’s often a good long-term decision.

When you pay, you have more choices:

When a government program pays for your services, your options are restricted. 

You Make the Decision

Many people find that spending a fairly small amount pays off for them. Simple modifications and community support can prevent you or your loved one from expensive medical bills or home repairs that can quickly drain savings.

Customers of the ADRC cover a wide spectrum:

All Wisconsin counties and tribes provide ADRC services.

ADRC of Barron and Rusk Counties Vision Statement

To provide service with the utmost integrity, the staff of the ADRC of Barron and Rusk Counties will work as a team; respecting individual perspectives while working collaboratively.

ADRC Mission Statement

To empower and support seniors, people with disabilities, and their families to ask for help, find a way to live with dignity and security, and achieve maximum independence and quality of life.

To learn more about the operations and funding of Aging and Disability Resources in Wisconsin, review the materials below and visit the state web site.

Three-year Aging Services Plans 

Read the three-year plans for each of our counties:  

Barron County Aging Plan Final
Rusk County Aging Plan Final 2022-24, Rusk County Budget 2022