Adult Day Programs

Adult Day Programs Provide a Break

Please note: Please check with your local Adult Day programs to find out about services during the pandemic.

Everybody needs some time off. People with memory loss and their care partners can improve their quality of life and personal connections with a daytime program specifically developed for their needs. Individuals with memory loss take part in supervised activities, and care partners experience a much-needed break from daily responsibilities.

Programs provide a safe, fun, loving environment, where people are treated with dignity and respect. Activities may include things like:

• Socializing

• Daily discussions

• Exercise

• Singing

• Outings and field trips

• Shared meals

• Games

• Hobbies

Local Programs

Barron County: Daybreak (715) 537-6225
Rusk County: Adult Day Services (715) 532-4000

Why Participate?

Activity and involvement stimulate brain health and can provide additional benefits for people with memory loss and confusion, including helping people live at home longer. Care partners can relax and recharge for a few hours, confident in the safety and security of their loved one.

Programs may provide additional support through family consultations, lending libraries and more.

I’m taking care of a person who thinks they’re fine. How do I handle denial?

Individuals with memory loss may not recognize the progression of their disease, and it’s often hard to discuss. Expert ADRC staff can help- they have years of experience with the challenges of helping a loved one get the help and support a day program provides.

How much does it cost?

Attendees pay a daily fee; some may qualify for help with payments.

How do I find a program? What about a ride?

Program options vary among counties and include Daybreak in Barron County and Ladysmith Adult Day Services in Rusk County.

Transportation options also vary; contact your local ADRC for more information.