Brain Health

Your Choices Matter!

Memory loss is not inevitable; you can take steps to help keep your brain healthy! There's no magic pill, but regular physical and mental exercise, healthy food choices and nurturing social connections all can contribute to building your brain health. Check out the variety of opportunities we offer to help you build your brain health!

Beneficial Bites

This program concept is simple…it’s easier to make small changes and add healthier foods into our daily menus versus cutting out foods or changing our diet all at once. In 2022 all topics will help you bring brain-healthy eating into your own home! Each monthly session features a different food, with tasty samples and take-home recipes you can try. Sessions are held across Barron County, listed here and posted on our Calendar and you can find information from past sessions on our Nutrition page. No registration is required and there is no cost or requested donation. This popular nutrition education program was created by our ADRC over ten years ago and is used state-wide!

Boost Your Brain & Memory

This unique program takes a holistic approach to improving brain health in older adults. Participants will learn new habits to maintain brain health while practicing new skills for better memory performance. Participants will be provided materials and view videos during each session. Those living with early memory loss are welcome. Visit our Registration page to see if there's a workshop scheduled soon or to let us know you're interested.

Healthy Living with Diabetes

Did you know diabetes is tied to brain health? Researchers have suggested people with diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes, may be at risk for cognitive decline leading to vascular dementia and, in some cases, Alzheimer’s. This workshop teaches about how your daily choices can help you live healthier with diabetes they also can help you maintain a healthy brain and lower your risk for dementia. Visit our Registration page to see if there's a workshop scheduled soon or to let us know you're interested.

Memory Screens

This wellness tool helps to identify possible changes in memory and brain health. It creates a baseline so changes can be monitored. You get immediate, confidential results in about 10 minutes. The screen may also identify treatable causes of memory loss. Yearly memory screens are recommended and are provided in our office or at your home. Contact us at 888-538-3031 to learn more or schedule your Memory Screen!

Wits Workout

An engaging, interactive, and educational brain health program based on research showing intellectual challenge and social connectedness are two of several factors that contribute to brain health throughout life. Wits Workout has two main goals: to provide purposeful opportunities for older adults to engage intellectually and to increase socialization through ongoing group participation. Each monthly session has a different theme. Visit our Registration page to sign up!

Fun Facts About the Brain

It’s a workhorse

  • The brain works 24 hours a day,7 days a week. Even when you sleep, it doesn’t.

It’s powerful

  • The brain generates enough electricity to power a light bulb. It is the most powerful supercomputer ever created.

It gets better with use

  • When you learn something new, the structure of your brain changes. It continues to grow and change throughout life. The more you use it, the better it gets.

It’s amazing

  • The brain creates thoughts, drives emotions, stores memories, and controls your movement and behavior.

It’s busy

  • Whenever you dream, think, see or move, tiny chemical and electrical signals race along billions of “highways” between neurons. In fact, neurons create and send more messages than all of the phones in the world.

It’s resilient

  • Due to its “neuroplasticity,” the brain is able to adapt and respond to changes and compensate for injuries and diseases. Neuroplasticity allows your brain to be jump-started, fine-tuned and remodeled throughout your adult life.

From the Cleveland Clinic Brain Health Guide