ADRC Program Information on Rice Lake Media

Rice Lake Community Media is helping us get the word out about ADRC programs and events. Here interview segments with ADRC staff and program host James Wyngaard:


Supervisor Mary Updike, discusses common scams that can affect you and your money and how you can protect yourself from them.


Director Jennifer Jako, Director, discusses volunteering for ADRC programs.


Alisa Lammers, Caregiver Specialist and Healthy Aging Coordinator discusses healthy living as we age.


Trisha Witham, Dementia Care Specialist talks about signs and symptoms of dementia and some ways to try and protect against dementia.


Darby Smith, Nutrition and Transportation Manager discusses the importance of transportation to our older friends and neighbors.


Alisa Lammers, Caregiver Specialist and Health Promotions Coordinator, talks about Daybreak, a full-day adult program for people dealing with dementia and other cognitive disabilities.