Dementia Friendly

Become a Dementia-Friendly Business with Free Training!

Our free 30-minute training helps prepare your organization serve our aging communities. Since the greatest risk factor for developing some type of dementia is simply “getting older,” the steps we take now can help make our communities great places for everyone to live, work and shop for years to come.

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Why Become a Dementia Friendly Business?

More and more businesses are responding to the increasing impact of dementia on both customers and employees. Customer service staff address how to meet the needs of customers with dementia and their care partners; human resource staff recognize they have employees caring for someone with the dementia.

Customer Impact

Since 70-90% of people with dementia live at home, they and their care partners will gravitate to businesses that welcome them with helpful staff and easily accessible products and services.

Implementing dementia friendly business practices will help retain existing customers and employees and attract new ones.

Staff Impact

Lost productivity and time off costs (replacing caregiving employees, workday interruptions, absenteeism, and shifts from full-time to part-time work) of employees is estimated to be as high as $34 billion annually.

Businesses that support their caregiving employees are not just benevolent - they are smart: every $1 companies spend on eldercare support reaps a $3 to $14 return.

Certified Dementia Friendly Business

Help prepare your business for the changing community needs with certification as a dementia friendly business. Your local ADRC facilitates the process, which requires you to:

Train at least 75% of your employees with ½ hour training(s), provided by ADRC staff, scheduled on-site and at your convenience. Training includes:

• Recognizing signs and symptoms of dementia

• Tips about how to communicate

• Making your environment dementia friendly

• Information about local resources.

Designate a team leader to be a liaison between employees and the ADRC trainer.

Include the free, 20-minute online overview of dementia for community members as part of new employee orientation.

Let the Community Know

Once you’ve met the requirements, your business will receive a purple window cling that states “We Are Dementia Friendly”. Most businesses display the designation prominently. If you like, we can also provide your staff with “I’m Trained” buttons to help share the message that your business is dementia friendly.

Share information about becoming a dementia friendly business with our flyer.

Call toll-free 1-888-538-3031 to learn which businesses and organizations have become certified dementia friendly.

What Changes Can Communities Make?

Simply learning to recognize individuals with dementia and learning how to support them goes a long way toward developing a dementia friendly community. The ADRC provides training on-site, at no charge, for any local business or organization interested in becoming certified dementia friendly.

View this video clip to help you understand and experience the difference a dementia-friendly community can make. A little bit of time and consideration can make in the daily life of a person with early brain changes.