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Contact us for a free, confidential consultation to get unbiased information about local resources for individuals ages 60 + and adults with disabilities. Learn about our healthy living workshops, meal programs, caregiver support, free dementia friendly business training and many more programs and services.

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Local Information, Personal Choice 

Review our comprehensive resources directories or set up a personal consultation to help find out what makes sense for you. Choose what you need to stay as independent as possible, as long as possible, while stretching your dollars as far as possible. Learn about options including: 
  • Healthy living 
  • Getting rides 
  • Benefit eligibility
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We welcome everyone to the ADRC, regardless of race, age, color, national origin, ethnic background, disability, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or socioeconomic, marital or military status. Your ADRC respects the diversity of our customers, employees, and communities. You can find the ADRC policy here.

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New Course Available Online!

Though most of us don’t talk about it, more than HALF of women over age 65 have incontinence. Unfortunately, most don’t realize that they can make lifestyle changes to improve or prevent bladder and bowel problems without medicine or surgery. There is a new evidence-based program, “Mind Over Matter: Healthy Bowels, Healthy Bladder,” that prevents and improves incontinence. Check it out here!