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Memory Care Connections

What is Memory Care Connections?

  • The program offers knowledge and guidance to people caring for loved ones with any type of dementia

Who does it help?

  • Family members who are also caregivers and the person with dementia both benefit

How does it help?

  • Reduces feelings of isolation and builds confidence in managing the disease
  • Can delay the need for nursing home care and related expenses

What does it cost?

  • The program is free

What happens when I sign up?

  • A personal Memory Care Consultant will meet with you at your home, our or office or other location you choose. Set up a time that’s convenient -you can ask for an evening or weekend appointment if that’s best for you. The consultant will:
  • Assess your situation 
  • Discuss your concerns
  • Help you and your family understand Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias how the disease changes over time
  • Work with you and your family to develop your support plan 
  • Help reduce stress by making  plans to handle challenges
  • Help build problem solving skills
  • Help you connect with local services that can help
  • Answer your call when you have questions

Do I need to sign-up?

You can let us know you’ll be coming, but feel free to drop in without calling ahead. If you have questions or for more information contact Trisha at the Aging & Disability Resource Center, 1-888-538-3031 or