Brain Health

Normal Aging
Memory changes or other changes in how your brain works can be scary. Understanding the difference between “Normal Aging” and “Not Normal Aging” is the first step in sorting out these changes. There are many reasons brain changes take place. 

Dementia is not part of normal aging. It is a disease. There are other medical conditions, however, that may mimic the signs and symptoms normally associated with dementia. These other conditions should be considered and treated by a health care provider as needed.

What Memory Changes are Normal?

The chart below identifies types of brain changes. If you or someone else you know has symptoms from the right side, contact the ADRC for information on memory screens or resources for a thorough medical assessment.

Know the Ten Warning Signs

Alzheimer’s Association guide to the 10 Warning Signs can also help identify a need for a more comprehensive evaluation. You can review the 10 warning signs and other information here

When you decide to have a comprehensive evaluation, read these two resources from the Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Institute (WAI) to help you prepare for your appointment.

Care and Resources

Find county resources specifically organized for those managing dementia.

Visit the links below to find out what's happening at your ADRC!

Becoming Dementia Friendly
Music and Memory
Memory Screens