Your ADRC is governed by volunteer community members and elected officials committed to our mission and to responding to the needs of our communities. If you have feedback, questions or concerns please consider contacting the ADRC Director, Jennifer Jako, and/or any of the board members listed below. For your convenience, they are listed by county, though you can contact any of the individuals listed.

Barron County

Carol Abbuehl: 715-455-1581 

*Bob Anderson: 715-296-2929

*Karolyn Bartlett: H: 715-837-1039, 
C: 715-579-5573

Ron Gehler: 715-234-1894

Bob Heil: H: 715-357-6044, C: 715-418-0579

*Steve Johnson: 715-458-3129

*Carol Moen: 715-458-2821 

Dick Nerbun: 715-822-3690

Karen Novotny: 715-234-1772

Sharon Rollins: 715-637-3203
E-mail: N/A

Terry Sullivan: H: 715-837-5502,
C: 715-563-7419

*County Board Members

Rusk County

Elizabeth Hanson: 715-415-0435

Jennifer Hengst: 715-403-3020
Peggy Hraban: 715-532-6797
Alice Kesan: 715-532-5994
Email: N/A
Sheryl Kisling: 715-532-1570
*Kathy Mai: 715-532-3054
Ron Moser: 715-894-7558
*Mark Schmitt: 715-353-2955
Kathy Silvernale: 715-532-7217
Email: N/A

Washburn County

*David Haessig: 715-635-6039

Tammy Hopke: 715-520-2570

*Sandy Johnson: 715-558-1676

Lynnea Lake: H: 715-635-2844,
C: 715-416-2274

*Bob Olsgard: 715-635-8171

Michael Schroeder: H: 715-635-5195, C: 715-520-0983