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Memory Cafe

Laugh, Learn & Stay Connected

What is a Memory Café?

A Memory Café is a monthly gathering for people with memory concerns and those who care for them. People can relax and have fun in a safe, supportive place. Each Memory Café provides a safe, comfortable, engaging environment where people with memory loss and their care partners can laugh, learn, and connect with others with similar experiences.

Who should attend?

If you have memory concerns, the Memory Café is for you and your care partner. Attendees may have: memory concerns 
• mild cognitive impairment (MCI) 
• early to moderate Alzheimer’s 
• other types of dementia.
You don’t need a medical diagnosis to attend.

Why attend?

Physical, social, and mental activity is good for the brain!

What does it cost?

Attendance is free, coffee & a treat provided

When and where does the Memory Café meet?

We have a Memory Cafe in Barron. Check our calendar of events for current dates, times and addresses.

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