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Speaking Up Is Important

posted Oct 2, 2017, 2:11 PM by Kim Cobb
If you think that your voice doesn’t matter, think again!  It is only because people were willing to speak up that our state budget includes permanent AND expanded funding to support Dementia Care Specialists in Aging & Disability Resource Centers across the state.  Currently there are 19 positions covering approximately 54% of Wisconsin’s age 60+ population.  This is great, and even though our ADRC secured a grant in 2014 for a Dementia Care Specialist, we believe that every person in Wisconsin should have access to the expertise these positions provide. 

In addition to the expansion of Dementia Care Specialists, the state budget also provides additional funds to support transportation services for persons age 60 or better and those with a disability.  At this point we aren’t sure how much of the additional funding will come to Barron County, but we are optimistic and thankful that the need for an increase was recognized by our legislators.  The budget doesn’t solve the overarching concern of long term sustainable funding of transportation, but at some point compromise has to occur for the greater good.

As with any budget there are disappointments but it doesn’t serve any of us to dwell on those things. It just means we have to step back, celebrate our achievements, roll up our sleeves and find a new approach to solving problems.

In the meantime, it’s important to contact your legislators and say “thank you” for supporting the Dementia Care Specialist and the additional Transportation funds.  In Barron County, your legislators are:

Senator Janet Bewley, (608) 266-3510, Sen.Bewley@legis.wi.gov  Room 126 South, State Capitol, Madison WI  53707

Representative Romaine Quinn (608) 282-3675,  Rep.Quinn@legis.wisconsin.gov  Room 323 North, State Capitol, PO Box 8953, Madison, WI  53708