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Direct Care Workers

Share Your Story

The shortage of direct care workers in Wisconsin is leaving people with disabilities and older adults without the care they need. Statewide, people can’t find personal care workers, job coaches, respite workers or therapy aides. According to a 2015 report from the Wisconsin Personal Services Association, 70% of the personal care agencies providing support to older adults and people with disabilities reported they were unable to staff all the hours of care a person needs (according to their service plan).

Here are two opportunities to share information about how the workforce crisis is impacting you.
  • To end the crisis, Survival Coalition, the Wisconsin Personal Services Association and the Workforce Alliance are conducting a survey to gather information and stories from individuals receiving direct care services, to help us tell lawmakers how the workforce crisis is impacting real people. Please complete the survey by Monday, October 31.
  • The Wisconsin Long Term Care Workforce Alliance is also conducted a post card campaign - direct care workers, people receiving care, family members/caregivers, provider agencies and community members can download a copy of the post card and share their personal message about why the direct care workforce crisis is important to them and/or how their life is affected by it. Once completed, the postcard can be saved and sent electronically to local legislators via email or printed and mailed to their legislators.